At Hatfield Studios we believe that simple living rules are required as a means to co-exist in a respectful manner. Self-regulation is a key discipline that we aspire to foster and as a result rules are kept to a minimum

  1. Visitors are welcome between 7am to 12 pm – please ensure your visitors respect the space of your fellow students and these simple rules
  2. Let’s keep our environment neat and clean. Use bins placed on floors and common areas to discard rubbish
  3. Hatfield Studios is a smoke free building. Please use demarcated smoking zones for smoking – and please put cigarette stubbs in specified bins
  4. For the sake of everyone’s sanity let’s be mindful of the noise that we and visitors make
  5. Fire safety is our concern. Please don’t tamper with fire equipment (it is illegal). Please don’t burn candles, oil burners or use bar heaters as these are a fire hazards.  Fan or oil heaters are welcome 
  6. Please keep your studios clean – we will be doing scheduled inspections to check on this.
  7. Mutual respect is key for happy co-existence – based on this we respect each other and the service providers (cleaners, security etc.)
  8. Should you have a problem in your studio that needs attending to, please follow the maintenance procedure that’s in place
  9. Drugs, fire arms or any other illegal activity simply can’t be allowed and will be considered a serious offence
  10. The 10th Rule is for you to decide