We understand that it’s important to find the right accommodation for your child whilst they are studying.

The most important aspects that you should consider when looking for a place for your child to stay are:

Proximity – Hatfield Studios is situated 100 meters from the Prospect Street UP gate entrance and opposite UP residences Erica, Asterhof, and Vergeet My Nie. This makes walking from Hatfield Studios to UP extremely safe for your child. Not only is Hatfield Studios well located to UP but we are in walking distance to Hatfield Plaza, Gautrain Station, Spar, fast food outlets and Virgin Active Gym.

Student Well-being – Hatfield Studios creates an environment that embraces respect of all students. To this end we take care of the students’ academic, physical and social well-being.

First Years – at Hatfield Studios we place 1st year students together and group them with other 1st year students who are studying similar fields. However we also have mixed study floors for those who wish to study with friends enrolled for different degrees.

Security – there is 24/7 security available, CCTV, bio-metric fingerprint access and policies in place for visitors to ensure your child’s safety

Price – At R72,000 per annum, with location to UP and other amenities, Hatfield Studios is optimally priced. (R5 620 per month for lease period 1 Jan – 31 December 2020)

Environment – a great environment for your child’s living both within Hatfield Studios and the Hatfield Precinct

Privacy – Each studio is fully contained for maximum privacy. So your child has the opportunity to network and socialize with likeminded students