Upmarket Studios
in Hatfield, Pretoria

Hatfield Studios offers lifestyle facilities such as a TV Lounge, Games Room, Computer Lab, Interactive Study Area and Kiosk. The communal common areas are air-conditioned providing a cool environment in summer and a warm space in winter. We also provide a laundry with token operated washing machines and dryers.

There is a kiosk is on site to provide meals and convenience to students throughout the day.

An important feature in the design of Hatfield Studios is the open piazza area linking the blocks. This enables student to catch the sunshine, breathe in the open air and spillover out of their studios and interact with other students. This creates the perfect balance between private student living within a student community.

We understand that Wi-Fi and internet connectivity is important to students. Hatfield Studios has a 350 Mbps fibre optic line that provides data. This data is distributed throughout the building through a wi-fi system. A wi-fi subscription of R1,550 (Incl VAT) per annum gets you 80gigs of data per month with 2 devices connected simultaneously.

2020 Rental Rate: Single Studio R72,000 for the year*

  • Basement parking available at R430/month
  • Non-refundable administration fee R1,250 (incl VAT)
  • Wi-Fi optional at R1,550 (incl VAT) per annum for 80gigs per month
  • 1 month’s refundable deposit of R6,000 is required
  • Rental period 1 January to 31 December 2020
  • Rental excludes electricity (prepaid)
  • Water included

Hatfield Studios provides a fully automated laundry with 23 washing machines and 16 tumble driers. The machines are token operated and a wash or a dry costs R15.

* this can be paid annually up-front, by semester or monthly in advance